How to Coach Children in Sport

How to Coach Children in Sport

How to Coach Children in Sport

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Essential advice for any adult teaching children sport

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  • Coaches play a vital role in the development of children's long- term attitude and enthusiasm to sport. Poorly planned sessions may put a child off sport for life.

    This book provides a basic introduction to coaching children and provides you with:

    • practical advice to help create a positive sporting environment
    • regular 'practical tips' to easily apply your knowledge in coaching sessions
    • references throughout the text pointing you in the right direction for further reading.

    Suitable for anyone who leads or delivers sports programmes, eg coaches, leaders, teachers, instructors, development officers, officials, administrators, volunteers, parents/carers AND those with responsibility for the organisation of sport, eg national governing bodies, local authorities, centre managers, sports clubs.

    Great stand-alone resource that you can use in conjunction with other books in the sports coach UK 'Coaching Essentials' range.

  • Author: Chris Earle for sports coach UK
  • Copyright Year: 2004
  • ISBN: 9781902523538
  • Length: 52 pages
  • Introduction

    Talent development process

    • Bloom's three-stage model
    • Cote's three-stage model
    • Long-term Athlete Development
    • Putting theory into practice

    Physical Development

    • Don't judge by age alone
    • Practical tips

    Children and exercise

    • Building the energy powerhouse
    • Build strength safely
    • How much can children take?
    • Practical tips

    Developing skill

    • Positive feedback - a vital link
    • Skill teaching
    • Practical tips

    The mind of a child

    • How children see themselves
    • The ring of influence
    • Children first, winning second
    • Setting goals
    • Liase with parents/carers
    • Liase with teachers
    • Practical tips

    Practical coaching

    • Age 6-9
    • Age 10-13
    • Keep it positive
    • Mistakes will happen
    • Dealing with bad behaviour
    • Emotions, tears and tantrums
    • Developing teamwork
    • Make it fun
    • Practical tips

    Adapt the sport and help the child

    • Rule it out - or change the rules
    • Keep your coaching in proportion
    • Small can be beautiful
    • Tools for the job
    • Grouping children
    • Practical tips

    Legal and ethical responsibilities

    • Child protection
    • Practical tips
    • Legislation

    Where next?

    • Workshops
    • Resources
    • Useful contacts

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