Coaching the Whole Child: Positive Development Through Sport

Coaching the Whole Child: Positive Development Through Sport

Coaching the Whole Child: Positive Development Through Sport

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Improve your coaching and enhance children's sporting experience

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  • Develop young people through sport by coaching the whole child

    Coaching the Whole Child: Positive Development Through Sport will guide you through the 5Cs for your coaching approach:

    • Competence
    • Confidence
    • Character and Caring
    • Connection
    • Creativity.

    The approach has its roots in positive youth development rather than sport and will help you recognise the value of the 5Cs for coaching. If you are responsible for coaching young people it will interest and excite you.

    It offers you...

    ...the chance to reconsider the emphasis of your coaching and provides you with useful tools to enhance the experience of young people. If you are a coach who is committed to developing participants both in and through sport, and open to adopting the holistic view of what coaching entails, this resource is for you.

    To aid with your planning, tables are provided to show the interaction of the 5Cs with the physical, mental, technical and tactical development of players.

  • Author: David Haskins
  • Copyright Year: 2010
  • ISBN: 978-1-905540-78-5.
  • Length: 43 Pages
    • Introduction
    • The C system for Coaching
    • Fitting Together the New and the Accepted
    • Competence
    • Confidence
    • Connection
    • Character and Caring
    • Creativity
    • Fitting it all Together
    • ....There's One Last C!
    • Appendices
    • References and Further Reading

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  • David Haskins is a visiting fellow in sports development at Sheffield Hallam University. He was also a reader in sports development and physical education at Liverpool John Moores University 1996-2007. David has undertaken extensive work with Youth Sport Trust (YST), editing and contributing to many of its resources. He is currently a consultant working with YST, Beckwith International Leadership Development, sports coach UK and UK Sport.