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A bespoke kit exclusively designed for use by the school

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  • The development of FUNdamental movement skills is dependent upon high-quality PE for children between the ages of 2 and 12. The Multi-skills Set is a bespoke kit that has been developed by an experienced coach in the FUNdamentals arena and designed to meet the complete needs of schools. Ensure you give your kids the best start in their skill development - this kit has everything you need.

    Excerpts of an Interview with John Griffiths on the concept of the kit:

    What is your own expertise in relation to the above product?
    I have contributed to and edited the development of the sports coach UK FUNdamentals of movement MS2 resource. My background is in kinesiology and working with sports-specific individuals, particularly within professional football, goalkeeping and child development.

    What is 'FUNdamentals'?
    FUNdamentals often refers to the classical motor skill development that has traditionally informed PE and is centred around the acquisition of a number of well defined 'fundamental movement skills'. These are simple patterns of agile, balanced and coordinated movement. These are often classified as those that promote locomotion, object manipulation and stability and include; running, jumping, bouncing, throwing, striking, catching, hopping, kicking, trapping, and skipping and are thought to provide the foundation for the development of more complex, sport specific skills.

    How does FUNdamentals training benefit children?
    The majority of texts agree that child task progression starts at around 2 years of age and reaches maturity between 10 and 12 years. This is the optimum time that coaches/teachers can have maximum impact on learner skill development. Furthermore, it is generally accepted that these skills do not appear naturally as part of normal growth and development but are highly influenced by appropriate opportunities and environments for learning and acquisition.

    How can teachers use the equipment to teach FUNdamentals?
    The kit is designed to assist coaches/teachers in delivering the essential principles that are FUNdamental of movement during sessions. The equipment has been designed around the simple core principles of agility, balance and coordination and highly compliments any learning environment. The equipment allows coaches/teachers to impact on individual learning and develop specific motor patterns linked to generic sports movement. The bag includes bespoke accessories designed to prompt teachers in observation.

    Please note: This product cannot be shipped outside the UK.

  • The kit contains:

    • 50 Space Marker Cones and 6 Sequence Marker Spots, which can be used for a variety of individual/group tasks and games applying FUNdamentals of movement principles
    • 1 Ladder, which helps with the development of agility and co-ordination movement skills and allows observation of running efficiency
    • 3 Balance Cushions, which provides an unstable surface to develop advanced FUNdamentals movement skills of balance
    • Distal Sticks, which provide a less animate target for developing basic balance and co-ordination
    • 3 Balance Lines, to safely challenge and develop balance
    • 8 Balloon Balls, which can be used for FUNdamental skill development as they are slower and larger than most other balls
    • 1 Balloon Ball Pump
    • 1 Heavy Duty Bag

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