Pay Up and Play the Game, Professional Sport in Britain, 1875-1914

Pay Up and Play the Game, Professional Sport in Britain, 1875-1914

Pay Up and Play the Game, Professional Sport in Britain, 1875-1914

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  • Based on a vast range of club and association records, Pay Up and Play the Game presents the first systematic economic analysis of the emergence of mass spectator sport during the years prior to World War I. Wray Vamplew examines the linkages between sport, gambling, crime and spectator violence, and concludes that many supposedly 'recent' developments (notably football hooliganism) in fact have their origins in this, the 'Golden Age' of sport in Britain.

  • Author: Wray Vamplew
  • Copyright Year: 2004
  • ISBN: 9780521892308
  • Length: 414 pages
  • Part I. An Overview:

    • 1. Is money the root of all evil? A historical appreciation of commercialisation in sports
    • 2. Comments on the state of play: economic historians and sports history

    Part II. The Development of Professional Gate-Money Sport:

    • 3. Popular recreation before the industrial revolution
    • 4. Sporting activities and economic change, 1750-1830
    • 5. The precursors of commercialised sport, 1830-75
    • 6. The rise of professional gate-money sport, 1875-1914
    • 7. From sports spectator to sports consumer

    Part III. Sport in the Market Place: The Economics of Professional Sport:

    • 8. Profits or premierships?
    • 9. All for one and one for all
    • 10. Paying the piper: shareholders and directors
    • 11. Winning at any cost?

    Part IV. Playing for Pay: Professional Sport as an Occupation:

    • 12. The struggle for recognition
    • 13. Earnings and opportunities
    • 14. Close of play
    • 15. Not playing the game: unionism and strikes
    • 16. Labour aristocrats or wage slaves?

    Part V. Unsporting Behaviour:

    • 17. Ungentlemany conduct
    • 18. The madding crowd

    Part VI. A Second Overview:

    • 19. An industrial revolution in sport
    • Appendices
  • "Having no sense of the history of sport is akin to losing the collective memory of generations of sports fans. History provides the background within which developments in sport occur and sets the benchmarks against which they can be judged. It shows that few things are totally new: as demonstrated in Pay Up and Play the Game playoffs for promotion, soccer hooliganism and allegations of greed and corruption were all part of the Victorian and Edwardian sporting scene. The book examines the professionalisation of sport in this period, a time of burgeoning commercialisation within the sector with the emergence of the Football League, the county cricket championship and the rationalisation of horseracing. The study won the inaugural North American Society of Sports History prize for the best book in the field."

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  • Wray Vamplew is Professor of Sports History at the University of Stirling and editor of the prestigious "Journal of Sport History" published by NASSH.

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